Startup Secret Weapon: The Micro-Job

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If you’re an entrepreneur kicking off your startup, you know you have some obstacles ahead. Business isn’t clean, and the best-laid plans often go array. Efficiency, poor management and a lack of cash flow all contribute to business plans going bust. Successful CEO’s need to know when to hit the brakes, when to drive the speed limit – and when to put the pedal to the metal and go for it, full speed. It’s a delicate dance, and it’s a taxing one, isn’t it? It’s also one that can pay off big time.

Fourerr understands what startups, and entrepreneurs, are all about. Why? Well, we started as a startup. Fourerr is headed by accomplished entrepreneur Thomas De Vos; Thomas believes that online marketplaces for soft goods such as graphic design and writing are a secret weapon today’s startups should master. Today’s post aims to give you a look at how the micro-job can help you net some macro-results.

The Online Freelance Marketplace, Defined

Freelance marketplaces are web platforms that connect buyers who need ‘soft goods’ with the skilled sellers who can deliver them. Sellers make profiles and add services available for purchase; buyers find these services through searching the web platform. Sellers offer the services at which they excel (such as writing a press release or some white hat SEO). It’s a powerful place for buyers and sellers to quickly find work and get work done.

The Micro-Job, Defined

Now that we’ve covered what the freelance marketplace is all about, let’s talk about what, exactly, the micro-job (or micro-gig) entails. It’s a small job that nets a small fee. Freelancers like it makes it a lot easier to get a lot of clients when the price tags not too high, and it frees them up to plan their schedules with greater flexibility. Startups and other businesses love the micro-job because it means a whole lot less overhead and keeps the cash flow going just where it needs to.

The Micro-Approach, Defined

The global economy is here now. It’s a whole new world out there. The Internet has forever changed the way we connect, and the way we do business. Crowdsourcing is working hard to get big projects off the ground in record time – some investors are even crowdsourcing big real estate projects. Crowdsourcing works by getting a lot of small amounts to add up into one big whole. Micro-jobs, and freelance marketplaces, are a way to tap into the amazing power of crowdsourcing. You don’t need to worry about hourly employees milking the clock, you don’t need to worry about freelancers on bigger projects taking way too long to get the job done.  Get a lot of small tasks done quickly, and net big results fast. Kind of beautiful, huh?

Key Takeaway

When it comes to freelance marketplaces, micro means macro. Think small to go big. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Just relax and take it one step at a time. What do you like about micro-jobs? Have you worked one, or hired one before? Go ahead and leave a comment below to share your experience with fellow entrepreneurs!

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