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Fourerr is well known for setting an example in the Micro Job marketplace. When we introduced our Help Desk to provide better customer service, all the other online job marketplaces followed very quickly.

We wouldn’t be surprised that this time it will be any different.

Since a few days we have your backs covered – when you signup or you login and provide sensitive data, we ensure that the data is fully encrypted. We have enabled HTTPS on our amazon servers. All the data transferred from your keyboard into our servers is fully encrypted with a 128-bit secured SSL key.

The complete order process has now been set up as being fully safe, from placing the order up to delivering your order requirements.

Check out the security padlock icon in your web browser and know that we guarantee you a 100% secure and safe shopping experience with Fourerr.

…and this is just the beginning of better things to come. Check us out:

Know that at Fourerr, we have your security and online safety in mind – 24 hours per day.

Welcome to a more secure world, welcome to Fourerr.  Enjoy!

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