Ego States Test (Transactional Analysis)

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My name Hector Alambarrio, 73 years old from Venezuela. Graduated in Finance, Alternative Medicine, Homeopathy, Bioprogramming, and Related Therapies. Regarding the Transactional Analysis and the test proposed here regarding the Dominant Ego, according to my studies and my work of years I have managed with my intuitive method to be able to measure the Ego in people, something that is of incalculable importance in the development of human activity .

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Job Description

The three states of the Ego in our personality are analyzed and quantified so that we can have the scientific tools to modify if necessary any characteristic that through the evaluation it is evident to transform for a better human interaction.

I make an evaluation of the Personality of the "I" State of the Ego where we determine the "Dominant Ego" of each individual and for this we only need their complete name and we will return the Personalized Evaluation with their qualification. Linear numeric of each Ego. (Calculated by Intuition)

I also send you an (E-BOOK  FREE) where you can know in depth this wonderful method.

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