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My name is Waqas. My favorite field is SEO in digital marketing with over 2 years of experience. I have special expertise in keyword research. I will optimize your website with best keywords to rank high in Google.

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Job Description

(Keyword Golden Ratio) is an advance technique for quickly ranking in Google
search engine. If you have a new website or already rank website and you want a
lot of traffic without creating bundle of backlinks, then you can try this.

There are two components of KGR
Allintile: Number of ranked result
in Google search with same query/title
Search Volume: Number of month searches
in Google.

KGR Formula= allintitle/search-volume) = KGR

Keywords with KGR value <= 0.25 for most suitable
for easy ranking in Google without creating a large number of backlinks. Normally
Affiliate websites use this method for quickly ranking.
If you want to rank quickly or
want more traffic on your website you can order my service for best results.

Following services are available
with this offer:

  • 10 to 15 most low competitive longtail
    KGR keywords of your niche
  • Get everything in a spreadsheet
    with KGR value
  • Keywords Volume
  • Allintitle Value
  • 100% guaranteed low competitive
  • Revisions Available

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