I will provide 10+ Reviews for your Google Business

Reputation Management / Ratings, Reviews & Feedback
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I'm offering Reviews on several platforms. We work with real people and all Reviews are done manually. That's why we have a limit of Reviews for each platform.

If you want to make an offer or if you have any questions, send a message.

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Job Description

I will provide 10 Reviews with 5 Stars any way you want for your Google Business.


 - How do these Reviews work and where will they be published?
Reviews will be published via Google Maps and will be available for anyone to see them through Google searches.

 - Can I buy more than 10 reviews for the same Business?
You can buy the Extra Reviews that gives you More Reviews for the same Business. This service can only be purchased once per Business. If you want Reviews for another Business, you can purchase the service again.

 - Should I write each Review or will users write them on their own?
You must write the Reviews the way you want and in the language you want and send them to us and we will publish them with 5 Stars (or less if you want). Is important that the Reviews you send to us are not written in a generic or suspicious way, otherwise it can be marked as span. You can also send a photo per Review to publish with the comment.

 - How long does it take for all Reviews to be published?
All Reviews are published on the same Day that you purchase the service, usually at most 2 hours after I inform the start of the service. For Gradual Reviews, split over a few days, check the Order Additional.

- Will Reviews stay forever on my Business?
Yes, Reviews will remain published forever. I still offer you the opportunity to change any of them, as long as you send us the new written Review. This change option is only available if you request within 30 days after the delivery is completed. Apart cases, you can contact us to try to make an exception.

We are here to help in the best possible way. Feel free to ask any questions about the job or make an offer.

Job deactivated


November 22, 2020

Very good service and prompt communication

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