Visual Novel/Otome game art request

The following request is NOT for commercial/profit use. It will be used on the game I will be creating, which is a visual novel/otome game that will only be shared among friends/family. Hello, I am looking for artists who draw clothes,hairstyles or facial expressions on my OC character like a dress-up game. Please take a look at the padlet link(since Fourerr is not letting me post images here) if you don't understand what I mean. Since I am making the game for non-commercial uses, it wouldn't be possible to negotiate the price. (I am sorry TwT) The costs for each item are written on the price chart on the padlet link. (The date&price didn't have a specific option, so I randomly put 5-10$ for the price and 7 days for the time. *Time is negotiable and we can discuss about the final cost corresponding on how many items I order) I will give detailed information and references for each item so that it will be easy for you to draw. However, style/design recommendations are always a big welcome! If you send me a sample or portfolio of drawings you have, I think we can be more creative considering your art style. IMPORTANT : Please check this padlet so that you will understand what I mean (it has explanation images in it)

Budget: 5.00 USD - 10.00 USD
Delivery: 7 days
Tags: anime, Art, design, drawing, fashion, Graphic design, illustration, illustrator, manga, Photoshop
November 11, 2020
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