What is the difference between micro jobs vs freelance jobs?

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How To Earn More with Micro Jobs Than with Freelance Jobs

The Internet has become a level playing field for people who wish to start their freelancing careers. It opened gates of online freelance job opportunities waiting to be grabbed right on their finger tips. However, because of the overwhelming surge of online jobs, freelancers often find themselves confused between micro jobs and freelance jobs.

You read it right. Micro jobs and freelance jobs are two different things! When Ben of How to Go Freelance replied to one of our e-mail outreach to freelancers, he said Fourerr is all good but was honest enough to voice out his thoughts about the amount of pay for the highest paid jobs which is only $4. Thanks to him, he made us realised that now is the time to let freelancers know the difference between these two.

What are micro jobs?

These are defined as small jobs or simple tasks that can be executed in a short time. The fact that it can be done quickly, means the pay is also not that high. But freelancers should never get discouraged because the fact that they are simple and easy to do, means freelancers can do a lot of work. This is how Fourerr arrived with the motto “Do More. Earn More. Be More.” You can read more about the definition of micro jobs from our old posts.

What are freelance jobs?

These are defined as more serious online jobs and pay a lot more. Freelancers normally bid to get the job and charge their clients either on fixed rates or hourly rates. In order to earn more and become successful with these type of online jobs, you need to work hard. Patience and perseverance are the keys to have longer and stream of freelance jobs.

Now that we’ve already differentiated micro jobs and freelance jobs, you as a freelancer, might be asking this— “from which one can I earn more”? This may sound like a shameless plug, but of course, we recommend micro jobs!

How to earn more with micro jobs vs. freelance jobs?

1. $4 is a small amount but it adds up when you complete more micro jobs. At Fourerr, freelancers can go beyond $4 and earn up to $700 for each micro job sold! Freelance jobs require more time to finish and could leave your earnings stagnant unless the job is done.

2. With micro jobs, you can devote all your time doing the tasks on the dot! No need to spend time writing cover letters, bidding, and interviews. These are normal pre-requisites in freelance jobs.

3. Once you set up a good profile and work samples, clients will come to you. With freelance jobs, you need to seek them out.

4. Your digital portfolio builds up as you accomplish different micro jobs and you become established. With freelance jobs, you have to hustle and do cold approach inspite of your previous works.

Freelancers do not need to be discouraged about the amount of pay doing micro jobs. Remember, all big things start from small beginnings! So, if you are all set to create your first step to freelancing, make sure you’ve sign up on Fourerr!

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