How it works?

Fourerr is an online jobs marketplace that connects Buyers and Sellers. Sellers on Fourerr have the opportunity to promote and sell their services for a price starting at $4 up to $100. Buyers on Fourerr can securely purchase these services from $4 and up.  Both buyers and sellers can earn rewards on the site.

After signing up, users post things they are willing to provide buyers – for $4 USD.  Buyers review the offers, find one that suits their needs, pay the provider and a $4 match is made.

Fourerr vendors get paid when they deliver the completed product or service to the buyer and the buyer marks the transaction as “complete.”  The $4 is deposited into an account for the vendor where it can stay to buy the services of other Fourerr vendors, or it can be transferred to
Paypal/Bank/Wise/Crypto or Payoneer for deposit or withdrawal.

Fourerr is an inexpensive, fun way for vendors and buyers to find exactly what they want at a price anyone can afford.  The diversity and amount of products and services is staggering.  It is an online, virtual, global bazaar where everyone has a key role.


For Sellers:

Who is a Seller?

A Seller on Fourerr is an individual who has a very specialized skill set and can deliver this as a service to a potential buyer. As an example, a seller can be a graphic artist who specializes in company logos, banners and promotional materials. Here are a few more examples of Fourerr sellers: Virtual Assistants providing data entry skills, Video Artists offering their video creation skills, writers, social media marketers and article/video marketers.

How to Sell on Fourerr

How do I create a job to sell on Fourerr?

Once you have signed up, sign in to your account and follow the following link : Create a Fourerr Gig Now and click “Post New“.
In order to create a micro job, you must have a good picture that stands out from the crowd. In addition, we recommend adding a video and title that both clearly describe what you have to offer – and a detailed description that precisely describes what your buyer will receive.

Can I sell micro jobs for more than $4?

Yes, you can sell up to $500. You can offer extra jobs that buyers can purchase too.

How can I edit a micro job?

You can edit your micro job, after you have logged in and then go to your Dashboard and click on Manage, then Manage Jobs on the left hand side. Or, click on this link to navigate there directly once you have logged in
Once you are there in that screen, click on the green control button and select Edit.

Can I contact the buyer before selling?

Absolutely! Communication is important. You can also find buyers waiting to purchase from sellers by checking out the Buyer Requests section.

How do I contact my buyers?

You can contact anyone on Fourerr. Once a buyer orders from you, you can track the order ID and exchange messages with him/her on that page and see a history of your conversion too.

How do I manage my sales?

Follow the following link to Manage you Sales on Fourerr:
Here, you can see a list of your received orders and view the orders that require your attention. From here, you can also go back and review your past sales.

How many days does it take for my sale to be approved?

When a seller delivers the order, the buyer has a maximum of 3 days to look into the order and complete the order. If the buyer doesn’t complete the order, then Fourerr will automatically complete the order.

The order is marked as delivered but I haven’t received the payment. What can I do?

Any order goes through a number of statuses. After the job has been delivered, the buyer has the opportunity to review the order and then complete the payment.
Once the order has been completed by the buyer, the money will become available for the seller to withdraw:

How much does Fourerr charge on my sale?

Fourerr retains a 20% commission (once the order has been completed by the buyer).

I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I receive payment through other means?

Yes, please receive funds to your local bank account through Crypto, Wise,Payoneer.

Where do I see the history of my sales?

You can view all your completed sales by clicking on this link:

How can I make my gig a success?
Following are a few of the helping guidelines to help you improve your gig and get more out of it.
–       Use a high quality and discrete image. Make sure, your image is related to the services you are offering.
–       If your Gig is of visual type add the image that is made by the seller himself.
–       Try adding more than one image.
–       Keep the description of your gig distinct and clear.
–       Always fill in the “instructions to buyer” field while creating the gig.
–       The delivery timing must be realistic.

What is the “Instructions to buyer” field?
It is strongly recommended that you fill in the “instructions to buyer” field while writing your gig. These instructions are forwarded to the buyer right after the placement of their order.

The time the buyer takes for gathering the information, is not counted towards the delivery period. The time period for the delivery only starts after the buyer has placed their order and filled in the information required.

Below is an example for “Instructions to Buyer”

Please send me:
–       portrait size photo
–       300 Kb min. size
–       format; JPEG
–       what should be the mood of your cartoon; angry/sad/happy/funny

I can’t submit the work on time. Can I ask for an extension?

Yes you can, it is, however, up to the discretion of your buyer to accept the extension. Contact at all times the buyer and communicate with him/her.

How can I get my gig upgraded to Featured?
When creating your gig, you may select to have it featured for a $5 fee. The featured gigs are rotated around with every refresh of the Home page.

I have already worked on an order when it was cancelled. What should I do?

An order can only be cancelled with mutual consent or rejection of the buyer, which is then accepted by the seller. In rare cases, the Fourerr administrator can cancel the order. If you are in doubt about the actual reason why the order has been cancelled, please contact the Fourerr Helpdesk.

How much gigs can I offer at once?
Fourrer currently allow unlimited gigs at a time.


For Buyers:

Who is a Buyer?
A Buyer on Fourerr is an individual looking to purchase a service from a Fourerr seller. A buyer can be anyone who needs a specialized small job completed. Fourerr’s services often appeal to those interested in starting online businesses as many of our sellers are talented in providing digital goods such as writing and graphic design. Examples of common services buyers purchase on Fourerr include: creation of a website logo, creation of a video or sourcing a Virtual Assistant for Internet research.

How do I search for a micro job to buy on Fourerr?

There are several ways to search for a micro job! 

You may click on the search icon on top of our screen and simply type in the jobs you are searching for.

Once a number of results have been returned, you can filter by date or rating, or even use our Advanced Search.
Buyer Tip: Do pay attention to the star rating of a seller, as the star rating rates the seller and the number of jobs he or she has sold on Fourerr.

Can I contact the seller before buying?

Certainly! We recommend that you contact the seller first before purchasing to make sure that you know and fully understand the service you are purchasing – and to keep good communication with the seller.

I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I pay through other means?

PayPal accepts credit cards. But we can also accept money transferred into the Fourerr’s account (you can pay with your Fourerr account balance):

Can a gig be saved for later use?
Of course, all you have to do is click the “like” red button that is placed with each gig. The gigs that you have liked are added to the “My Favorites”.

However, you can not add seller to the “like” list but only gigs.

How do I contact the seller about a micro job?

Once you have found the job you are interested to purchase or inquire about, the user name of the seller should appear at the right of the job title. Click the link “Contact”: it will open the message page. Type your questions and hit “Send” message once you are done.

How do I make a purchase? (How do I buy a micro job?)

Please log in to your Fourerr account.
– Search for the job that you would like to purchase
– Click the green “Buy For..” button (You may also buy with Balance once you have collected enough)
– Click PayPal button to pay for the job
– Once the payment is completed, it will inform you that the order is successful.
Please go to the My Shopping page of your account to check the order and send all the details to help the seller start working on your order.

Manage My Orders (For Buyers)

How do I receive my order?

When you place an order on Fourerr, we create a dedicated tracking page for this order. Apart from communicating with the seller, you can find anything that the buyer has delivered to you on this tracking page. 

Where do I track my order?

You will be notified with the progress of your orders through email or you can check by visiting the My Shopping page of your Fourerr account to check the status of any of your orders. You may simply click on the ‘Order’ ID to see the status.

I have cancelled an order but I cannot see the refund in my paypal?
As per the Terms of Service, at the cancellation of your order the money will be refunded to your Fourrer account for future use.

However, if you feel that you will no longer use Fourerr and want a refund, you can contact us freely and we will make a refund.