Promote your service

How can I make my jobs more popular?

That’s a good question. Make your profile more appealing to buyers. Load a great profile picture, picture of the job, a video and a short but powerful title.
Describe in detail what you have to offer.
Once you start selling, ensure that you ask for feedback from your buyers as this helps boost potential buyers’ confidence in you. In addition, always share your micro jobs on Social Media websites.

Promote Your Service Everywhere with referral links:

1. We find the best conversion rate from forums. Place your referral link in your signature or respond to “Want To Buy” – threads with shortlinks directly to a related service.
2. Another great method is Twitter. Respond to those talking about being a freelance writer, graphics & web designer, appp development, music/audio marketing and SEO with your referral link.
3. Your own website is probably one of the best sources for traffic and directing new clients through your referral link.
Add shortlinks where they can be seen, promote your own services with your referral link.
4. Other social media sites.

+ Commission: 10% of every sale, for life.

Featured jobs

What is a Featured Micro Job?

A featured micro job is one that a seller has paid to put on the spotlight. Fourerr features the job on our Categories page for 30 days. Sellers that feature their jobs can be seen as serious sellers as they have invested time and money to feature their services to grow their business with Fourerr.

* Price for featured job on Homepage: $7 USD.
* Price for featured job on Categories: $5 USD.
* Price for featured job on Subcategories: $4 USD.
* Featured interval: 35 days

Discounts & Coupons

You can now create digital coupons and offer discounts on a single service or set of gigs. If you start with a clear goal in mind, you can most effectively use offers to meet your objectives, build customer loyalty, and increase revenues. Under the Jobs tab in menu, you will now see a Discounts page (log in to your Fourerr account):
Specify which type of discount you want to offer.

What type of coupon?

Percent: You can offer any percentage off the list price of items in your service.
Fixed: You can offer a fixed amount off the list price of items in your service.

Running a special offer can help entice new buyers to take the leap and try your freelance service. They’re also a great way to incentivize buyers to spend more than they usually would. Special sales and offers are also a great way to get the word out about your gigs.