Terms of Service


–         The sellers on this marketplace will be offering services to the buyers called “Gigs.”

–         Gigs on Fourrer are offered for the price of $4-$150 (USD).

–         For trading on Fourrer registration is must. Registration is free of cost.

–         Orders and money transactions must only take place through Fourrer and no other means should be adopted. Orders can be placed using the “Buy For” link.

–         Buyers have full rights over the sold gigs i.e. delivered order. (Unless specified by seller in the “Gig Description”)



–         Upon selling and delivering of each gig your Fourrer account will be credited minus the 20% Fourerr service fee.

–         Buyers will always pay for gigs in advance.

–         Fourrer will credit your account only after completion of the order delivery.

–         Sellers are free to withdraw their revenue directly from their Paypal/Bank/Wise/Crypto or Payoneer account. (Withdrawal process is described under.)

–         If for any reason, the order has been cancelled, the revenues for such order will be returned to the buyer.

–         Rating of the seller will be calculated on the basis of the feedback as received from the buyers, mass of orders cancelled and frequency of late deliveries.

Handling of Orders

–         As soon as a buyer orders a gig, the seller gets an email notification.

–         The seller is to meet the duration for delivery set by them at the time of the gig description writing. If failed to deliver on time, the buyer is free to cancel the order. Consequently, the seller’s rating will be reduced.

–         Both trading parties, buyer and seller, have the option to cancel the order with mutual consent and doing so will not harm any of the ratings of the parties involved in any way.

–         Any mutual cancellation request if went unanswered will be accepted automatically after the lapse of 72 hours effecting the unresponsive party, with a reduction of the rating.

–         A seller reserves the right for the cancellation of the order before the lapse of delivery period. However, this cancellation will leave a negative effect on the rating.

Keeping Trouble Away

–         Identities are kept secret/anonymous. To respect user privacy, you are not allowed to post your email address or any other sort of contact information.

–         All communication including exchange of files and information would take place using the fourerr messaging system.

–         Posting any stuff that is illegal, abusive, rude, adult, copyright protected, spam, promotional, nonsense or violent is strictly prohibited. Violating the term will result in permanent blocking of your account.

Delivery of Orders and Communication

–         User is responsible for scanning all files for malware, spyware or viruses. Fourerr in any way will not be responsible for damages that may result from the usage of the site or the files and content transfer.

–         Seller should always submit the complete files or proof of completed work through the “Deliver Completed Work” button.

–         Once the seller has completed the delivery, the buyer has three days only to respond otherwise the status of the order will be marked as “Completed.”

Revenue Withdrawal

Commissions. When your gig sells, Fourerr takes $0.8 for every $4 you make, or 20%.

–         For withdrawing revenue the seller must have a valid Paypal/Bank/Wise/Crypto or Payoneer account. Please, make sure your Paypal account has the option to receive money before withdrawing funds from Fourerr.

–         Fourerr supports daily withdrawal request for approved work. When we say instant, we mean same day or within 24 hours (UTC time)! Your account balance must also be at least $3 to withdraw. The minimum withdrawal amount is $3 USD, except for Payoneer Transfers where the minimum withdrawal amount is $50 USD:

  • The minimum Paypal withdrawal amount is $3 USD.
  • The minimum amount needed to initiate a withdraw to your Payoneer, Bank is $50 USD.

–         Paypal charges a fee on each withdrawal and that will be automatically deducted by them each time from the sellers’ withdrawn amounts.

–         The withdrawals are permanent and cannot be cancelled. Once the process has been put into action, we can not help you in any regard.


Ordering Gigs

–         Buyer can purchase gigs using PayPal.

–         Order is created as soon as the payment is confirmed.

–         If a buyer has a positive balance of $4 or more in their account, it can be used when ordering the gig.

–         For sake of users privacy, your identity is kept secret/anonymous and you are advised not to post your contact information in any case.

–         When buying a gig, you cannot pay or offer to pay using another method other than Fourerr.

–         Buyer must not pay sellers directly through PayPal account. If you are asked to do so, you are requested to report the incident to us.

–         Avoiding the filing of a dispute or reversing your payment using PayPal will result in permanent blocking of your account.

–         If you confront any problem, always try and seek solutions with the seller. However, if you need further assistance we are here to help. Contact our support – contact us.

–         Cancellations of order only take place through the customer support. The time period that has been fixed is up to a period of ten days from the order completion. We will not be able to cancel orders after this period.

Shipping of Orders

–         Some of the order requires the delivery of an item. If such gigs are bought then seller must include the payment for the shipment as well and the buyer is obligated to pay that.


–         When buying a gig that involves the delivery of an item, buyer must include the shipping address with the order. Once the order and payment has been made the seller will be responsible for making all relevant arrangements for the shipping of the gig and its delivery.

–         Fourerr is not responsible in any case for the handling, shipping, tracking, damages or quality of the order.

–         Tracking number should also be added with the order page while adding information for order delivery.

General Terms

–         Violations to the terms of service of Fourerr.com will result in permanent blocking of your account.

–         Disputes of any kind should be handled using the Fourerr’s dispute resolution system or through customer support.

–         Subject to misbehaviors, Fourerr reserves the right to put a hold on the account or close it permanently. If on hold, you will not be able to trade through your account.

–         Fourerr changes the terms of service often so when some change is made a new copy will be added here.

–         After changing the terms of the service, if you use Fourerr, it would be implied that you agreed to the updated terms of services.


–         Fourerr recommends that buyers and sellers work out their differences themselves. However, if you need further assistance you can freely contact our customer support.

–         Fourerr will not refund payments for the cancelled orders to PayPal, however, such payments will be added to the Fourerr accounts that can be used for future purchases.

Ownership and Limitations

Unless otherwise expressed in the description of the gig by the seller, at the time work is delivered, the buyer is granted all intellectual property rights including copyrights but not limited to. The seller waives all rights including moral rights. To eradicate doubt, in any customized work, the delivered property will be a sole property of the buyer. The Seller, here, has expressly accepted to transfer the copyright to the buyer in the services delivered which does not fit the definition of work-for-hire under the U.S Copyright Act. In addition to that, with independence to the U.S Copyright Act, the seller agrees that unless he specifies in the gig description, he transfers all rights possible to the buyer with it, over it or arising of it while waiving his all possible rights over it.

The Seller further undertakes that all the information that has been transferred to him for the purpose of making of the gig will be kept secret and will not be used for any purpose other than the making of the customized gig as per the order and of the contact information, after that will not be to be used ever.

By offering any service, the seller has a sufficient permission to sell, provide or resell the service they are offering on Fourerr.

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