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Job Description

Feeling SAD, miserable AND cracked???

At Times in Life,

You feel extremely low!

Hollow from within.

Apparently frail,

Emotionally delicate,

Mentally enfeeble.

Like a cat on hot bricks.

For reasons unknown_ Even the slightest lil things tend to affect you the most!

Your tear glands, all of a sudden become SUPER sensitive.

You start to break down because of every other thing.

You find no good reason to ENJOY what’s coming forth.

You look out for ways to escape.

You become intensely touchy and annoyed.

Feeling as if what’s happening to you is happening ONLY TO YOU!

Nobody must have gone through such a feel like never before.

You have NO IDEA who to speak to about it.

And seemingly you see no possible solution to it either.

It feels just like a chaos that has already thoroughly shattered you from within, outside, and all round.

Let yourself sufficient time to heal.

Don’t loose trust.

Have your own back.

Think about all those loveliest memories that make you feel uplifted.

Refrain from all the crap that makes you feel low in any way.

Stay positive and spread positivity and love.

Try and Say It All. Let your emotions sync.

If you think you having come across this profile is just an accident. Trust me there's no such as a Coincidence,

I'm an occasional counsellor and a full-time listener who is passionate about helping people. Listening to you and giving you advice will be my pleasure! I hope to be that one person that is going to make an everlasting impact in your life. Let your emotions sync!

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